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Megan Lake, Veterinary Assistant

Megan has been with us since July of 2010, and she has previous experience with another local veterinary clinic. Megan completed college with a Bachelor's Degree in History, but she enjoys working with animals best.

Megan is a native of Harrison, Ohio but moved to Independence in 2008 with her husband Trevor. Their family consist of 3 fabulous four legged friends; Maverick, a black Labrador Retriever, Alex, an American Eskimo and Alpine,a little German Shepherd/Blue Heeler Mix. She enjoys military history, especially the Eisenhower era, collecting memorabilia from the 40's and 50's and decorating her charming house.

Jennifer Kidd, Veterinary Assistant

Jennifer has been with Bach Veterinary Clinic since October 2000. She learned about our practice through Dixie Heights High School's job shadowing program. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and care with our clients and patients.

Jennifer has a chocolate Labrador Retriever named Emmett and 5 cats: Kasie, Kitten, Ollie, Timmy and Tommy. She enjoys spending time with her family, hanging out with friends and enjoying the outdoors with Emmett.

Katlyn Hammond, Veterinary Assistant

My name is Katlyn but most call me Kate. I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelors degree in Animal Science December 2017. My favorite animals would have to be cows and dogs. Some say I am unique because my eyes are two different colors.

My hobbies include hunting, sleeping, and anything outdoors. I really enjoy the behavioral aspects of this field and learning to understand animals in a different way.
My biggest dream would be to create a humane society to rehabilitate misunderstood animals and help people to grasp a better understanding of animal behavior and training programs. Overall though I am just an average girl who loves to eat Italian food.

Brandy Carl, Groomer

Brandy moved here from Michigan, where she started her grooming career 10 years ago.

She loves animals and has many of her own including 2 dogs, 1 cats, and 2 piggies! When not grooming she loves to kayak and spend time caring for her and her fiance's small farm.

Midge, Clinic Cat

Hello! My name is Midge and I was brought to Bach Veterinary Clinic November 13th 2017.

Since then I have come to love the staff here and now I call the clinic home. I can be a little spicy at times but for the most part I am very sweet. Although bashful at first, I enjoy meeting new people and pets!

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