Grooming Services

Many dog owners don’t realize that grooming is essential to their pet’s well-being. It goes far beyond helping the dog look her best. Without consistent grooming, dogs can develop mats and grease in the fur that can have negative health consequences. Matted fur can tangle and become uncomfortable for your dog when you try to brush it out. Having matted fur on the bottom of the paws can even make it difficult for your dog to walk.

Lack of regular grooming can also cause a build-up of grease that increases the likelihood of your dog developing painful cysts on their skin.

Our Grooming Service Includes:

•    A Pattern Set Cut
•    Trim Face/Feet
•    Ear Cleaning
•    Shampoo Bath
•    Coat Conditioner
•    Blow Dry
•    Nail Trim 
•    Styling Brush/Scissor Work
•    Bandana

Routine grooming for small breed dogs starts at $46.00. Depending on the size of your dog, the price will be adjusted. If your pet has an ongoing skin condition that requires weekly therapeutic bath, please contact us for special pricing.

We also offer grooming for cats!

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